Our Story;
What makes our company different from others is our fish is always Wild Alaskan products, quickly processed and sold directly to you. We are the fishermen with over 35 years of experience to serve you the best quality salmon.

"Red gold" is fresh frozen within hours of catch to preserve freshness, flavor and texture to lock in the all natural salmon rich Omega-3 oils in which salmon is known for.  High in protein and there  are  NO COLORS ever added. This salmon is superior quality that you can taste and we cut out the middle men. The rich deep red color speaks for itself. 100% wild.

We also work with our processor to offer you other Wild Alaskan Seafood's such as halibut, cod, pollock, canned salmon and a variety of other Alaskan seafood's.

All our fish is vacuum packed and our products meet the requirements of the Marine Stewardship Council certification for all frozen Alaskan products packaged and produced by a certified establishment.