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Family owned and operated since 1976

Superior quality, family owned, trusted and a taste you and always count on! 
The Environmental Protection Agency has stated, "The Bristol Bay watershed in southwestern Alaska supports the largest sockeye salmon fishery in the world, is home to 25 federally recognized tribal governments, and contains large mineral resources." Our salmon is caught from set net sites and delivered within the hour of being caught and put into icy water to preserve the quality and freshness before being processed. Sockeye salmon has also been coined as a local term "Red Gold;" for its lush red orange color of its meat. There's simply no comparison! Sockeye is our primary catch during our short season, our other species in our catch include:  

  • Coho ("Silver"), 
  • King ("Chinook"), 
  • Pink ("Humpy")
  •  Chum (" Keta")

We are proud to supply you and your families the Wild Alaskan experience so you can enjoy the taste that everyone craves!!

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