Wild Alaskan Salmon 100% Wild and all natural

Sockeye fillets-our catch!
Smoked salmon-our catch!
Wild Cod, Wild Alaskan Halibut
Now featuring our boneless vacuum packed fillets 
All of our products are vacuum packed

From the icy pristine waters of Bristol Bay Alaska  'RED GOLD" considered around the world the tastiest and best quality salmon. This salmon we carry is processed by flash freezing and vacuum packed for each product. .
  We are proud to supply you the Wild Alaskan experience so you can enjoy the taste that everyone craves!!
There are no colors or preservativesThis salmon is known around the world to be the best tasting, assuring quality and the freshest you can buy. 
We also carry other Wild Alaskan fish products provided by our processor's. 
                     Product of U.S.A. and  Processed in U.S.A.